Which of the favours from the Lord that you deny?


I feel…that I am not in a position to complain about my hardship.. because I believe there are other human beings that face even greater hardship than I do..

‘Look at how you’re sleeping, how much you’ve eaten, you’ve got so much more than most..’ lagu Zain Bhikha.

How true.

I am living in peace, unlike my other brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria. I don’t have families who were murdered, tortured, or raped. I have never been sexually or physically abused. I was never wrongly and unjustly persecuted. I have faced racism and verbal abuse in Australia, but that is NIL compared to what the people there have been through (mine is like a speck of dust compared to theirs). I have enough food. I bathe everyday. I never have shortages of electricity, water or heat. Internet is within my hands. I have enough money to buy things I need and sometimes things that I want. The sceneries that I pass through each day to go to and back from uni is beautiful; lovely cool weather, happy sunshine, cheerful birds, and friendly neighbours too (although some are not– EPP! complain lagi?!). All in all, I have everything that I can ask for!

Fa bi ayyi alaa irabbikuma tukadziban? Then which of the favours from the Lord that you deny?

Kadang-kadang.. terasa macam manja. Bila suatu ujian menimpa, yang mungkin hanya berbentuk dalaman, itu pun nak mengeluh. Sedangkan ramai lagi yang diberi ujian berganda-ganda lebih besar.

The things that you are asked to do are very simple.

Pasang niat ikhlas.

Usaha bersungguh-sungguh.

Sabar atas ujian.

Bersyukur dengan nikmatNya.

The pursuit of happiness in this life and the next is actually getting myself to do all these things.

Be done and get on with it.


Sabar and Shukr (by Zain Bhikha)

There was so much on my mind in my bed I lay
I turned to my side and I heard a voice say
Stop all your whining, heart rates declining
You’ve got so much more than most
Look how you’re sleeping, how much you’ve eaten
Don’t you know that you’re supposed to say

Sabr and Shukr are wonderful things
The praises to Allah we should always sing
when things go right it’s from Him not me
And when they are wrong, we get through patiently

I got out of bed, began to walk
Bumped into some folks and we started to talk
Did you hear about the killing, the bloodshed the stealing
The grass got burned on the other side
Soldiers a coming, people a running
All that’s left is the orphan child
Lyrics www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/zain_bhikha/

I opened my eyes and began to see
Everything that’s happening around me
What seemed half empty now seems so full
There’s no use crying over what’s been spilled
While babies are dying, mothers are crying
Their containers have never even been filled

Chorus (Half)
Inn Allah ha, Ma As Saabireen

I opened my eyes, began to see
Everything that’s happening around me


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