Rightful Measure

Rightful Measure

To stand for moderation and balance is a defining element of the Quranic vision of Muslim community, which is described as ummatan wasatan (2:143), a justly balanced nation that shuns extremism and over-indulgence even in things which might otherwise be praiseworthy and desirable. Moderation also signifies the ideals of an Islamic personality and civilization, for in it lies the essence of all virtues that Islam promotes.

Moderation means avoidance of extremes consisting either of laxity and neglect or exaggeration and excess. A perusal of the source evidence shows that moderation is unqualified and multidimensional and it permeates all aspects of Islam, including personal conduct, law, morality and culture, even matters of worship. There are reports in the hadith literature that the Prophet discouraged extremism even in acts of devotion (ibadat) and instructed his community to ‘give everything its rightful measure’. Common sense tells us that severity and extremism do not yield good results, rather it is rationality, enlightenment, good planning, consultation and perseverance that constitute important components of moderation and balance.

Compiled From:
“Shariah Law – An Introduction” – Mohammad Hashim Kamali, p.218


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