Miserable observation

As I am writing this, I just finished eating my brunch at one of the cafeteria at uni. One would expect that in a uni in a caucasian country, you’d be surrounded by caucasians. But no, on my right, there’s a group of mixed undergrads of Indians and Chinese, apparently those Indians are muslims as one was talking about how fantastic her Eid was (she dressed as how ‘normal’ people would therefore I could not recognise if she’s Muslim just from appearance).

‘I think I’ll just grab a salad as I just ate too much at Eid’

‘Yknow in Eid there would be this competition where all the girls will dress up and compete who’s the hottest!! Clearly I am on top! Lol!!’

And the crowd roared with laughter.

On my left, there’s this girl, a Malaysian muslim in fact, whom I have known for so long, but known for her unfriendliness and chose to mix with non muslims and only medicine related people (I don’t know if that makes sense).

So actually, I am surrounded by Muslims.

But why do I feel so miserable?

Not just miserable but exasperated, wanting to shake them all up.

To my right, ‘My dear, Eid is not about competition of who’s the hottest and eating too much, but it’s a celebration of triumph from Ramadhan, a blessing from Allah for those who obtained taqwa from fasting and doing righteous deeds’.

To my left, ‘Be proud that you’re a Muslim, be proud that you’re a Malay. Have you heard of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam? A muslim is like a sister or brother to you, we greet them with the most honorable greeting, ‘Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you’, do you see that? Do you? And smile when you say that, that will trascend you to a better person’.

I love you all for Allah.


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