Apa kaitan ‘perfectionism’, ‘procrastination’ dan ‘pasrah’ (3Ps)

It’s actually close to midnight now and I’m suppose to go back a long time ago..which is actually a better thing as I tend to procrastinate a lot if in my head there’s no time limit as to when I’m going back…

That’s right. Procrastination.

Many people procrastinate but there are different reasons behind it. I’ve identified mine and I think the biggest factor is because of my perfectionism. Semua nak perfect. Result nak perfect. Itu, ini nak always perfect. It was in me since…I think during my teenager’s time and has been inherent me ever since.

This sense of perfectionism will then drive me to strive my best to get it perfect, which is a good thing if you’re looking from that perspective. But it can, and more often, lead to the negative side, which is to actually create fear in me and prevent me from doing something just because you’re afraid that it won’t be perfect. This fear that drives that procrastination. It’s both sad and scary at the same time.

And this what hits me again and again. As much as I want to accomplish things and I believe I can accomplish so many things, this fear  of failure inside me drove me to just stop what I’m doing and asked me to procrastinate. I really despise it and yet I sometimes fall into this trap (ok ‘sometimes’ might be an understatement).

But then I got thinking.. Islam has the solution to everything.. this can be very simple as what this blog is explaining:

untuk dapat beriman kepada allah maka kita harus pasrah kepada allah. sekarang mustail jika kita mengatakan beriman namun tidak mengenal dan pasarah kepada allah. pasrah ini sebagai bentuk kita menemui ALlah secara praktis. dengan pasrah kepada allah maka kita akan menemui nya dan dari menemui ini akan terjadi proses interaksi. semakin sering terjadi interaksi dansemain dalam proses interaksi ini maka iman akan meningkat dengan pesat.

Pasrah. That’s the word.

Nobody’s perfect and nobody will be or has been. Setiap manusia mempunyai kelebihan dan kelemahan masing2 dan kita saling lengkap melengkapi antara satu sama lain, betul? We tend to forget that sometimes.

Jadi remedy-nya di sini adalah untuk lakukan sahaja apa yang dituntut (just do it!) without worrying about whether you can make it ‘perfectly’ or not kerana itu adalah ketentuan yang Allah sahaja yang pegang. It’s your job to do your best and that’s where Allah rewards it in the dunya and akhirat insya Allah..

Yes, just do it, usaha sebanyak mungkin, kemudian tawakkal kepada Allah, pasrah kepada Allah. Allah knows what to give or not to give you and it’s what you need to accept as that is the best for you from Allah. Learn to trust him 100%.



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