I’ve said sorry with all my heart, with much regret and shamefulness to my supervisor. The failure to meet up with his expectation due to several things is really disheartening and sent me down right to the bottom. Not only I have failed as a student, but also a Muslim. How can I let myself be like this? It was then I told my supervisor that I needed more time, and I asked him to be really honest with me, whether I can finish my degree in time.

These few words came from him: ‘No problem. Of course you can finish in time. When there is a will, there’s a way..’ even if it’s  just his words of encouragement that he may be using for every student of his, I suddenly raised myself back up and continue working harder than before. Which made me realise that I respond to words of encouragement very well especially which comes from the people I look up to. Just a few words, and everything else goes back up again. If only he realised how influential he is in making others work harder just by saying a few words of encouragement (this applies to bosses, mas’ulahs, qiyadah too).

Which reminds me also, the difficulties Rasulullah SAW faced during the early years of Islam (and probably throughout). Imagine how good it really feels to be comforted by Allah SWT? Masya Allah.. the taujihat that comes from Allah would really really pushed him forward and do things  not any man could have done without the love, support and encouragement that came from above. And what about Rasululllah’s companions? Without the taujihat, nasiha and words of encouragement from Nabi SAW,  I don’t think the sahabiyyah would go far to spread Islam.

Never underestimate the power of support and encouragement towards others…I certainly have learnt my lesson and now I am ever willing to work my best to finish this journey. May Allah guide me.


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  1. adawiah
    Jan 30, 2010 @ 02:18:26

    slm alaik ya ukhtie..moge sentiase d bwh lindunganNya..
    Insya Allah kak..akak seorang y kuat, tabah n cekal…
    Allah sentiasa membantu hamba2Nya..yakinlah dengan janji Allah..

    إن تنصروا الله ينصركم

    ok kak..uhibbuki fillah..moge kita dapat bertemu lg…


  2. maryam
    Jan 30, 2010 @ 02:24:43

    Masya Allah kak….terharunya kite bce entry kali ni…i promise to myself for not being failed as a muslimah! oh kak elin…pray for me…


  3. nurilahi
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 01:58:48

    salam..akak…true true true..indeed very true what you have said. The things that we cant never get rid of are supports and encouragement from others to stand still..and how lucky Rasulullah as he was comforted straight away by Allah and the sahabah to get powerful words from Rasulullah himself…but..We are lucky too kak ellin. It is just that we have the ‘perantaraan’..In your case, your supervisor is the ‘perantaraan’ that Allah has sent to push you up and He also gives us akhwat to be by our side….So, actually everything comes from Him rite..=)…
    a reminder for me too..

    -be strong sis-


  4. nhhc
    Feb 25, 2010 @ 09:14:38

    jazakamullah khairan akhawat, really appreciate it 🙂


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