Craving for the sweetness of iman

It’s that time of the month again, where just before it hits your hormone levels increase, your appetite soars, you would feel more moody, and everything agitates and irritates you. And then when it hits, all of these feelings will still be there, but then would decrease gradually for about a week and a half (well at least for me hehe).

Because you can’t pray and read the Qur’an like you normally do during other times, you could feel your heart gradually becoming empty and more empty, and towards the end the desperation to be closer to Allah is increasing more and more. And this is how I feel now. Desperate to get out of this miserableness of not making ruku’ and sujud to Allah swt. Seriously, I feel as though I’ve hit rock bottom. This is the feeling that I want to avoid everytime this period comes, yet the test comes every month without fail. Perhaps this is to teach believing women that their dependency to Allah is greater than anything else, and to tell them that people who do not value solah, fasting and reading the Qur’an are in a grave loss. They could not feel the sweetness of imaan that Allah offers to the believers.


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