They say that after ‘Asr, it’s not really good to do work (so for me it’s PhD work). I find that true because when I tried to do work after Asr today, it just didn’t work (pun unintended)– I couldn’t focus, I was tired and sleepy and just wanted to get out of the office. But yet I’m still here in uni, and it’s already passed Maghrib (I’ve already made my prayer thank you ^^). I know this isn’t a good habit, and I don’t intend to do this everyday. But ya Allah..Yang Maha Lembut dan Maha Pengasih dan Maha Pemberi.. instead of Him letting me dwell on nonsense stuff (i.e. perkara2 lagha), he brought my attention to His Superiority… Dia melihatkan kebesaranNya hanya daripada office yang kecil ni!! Aaa Sayang Allah 🙂 🙂

So how did it go? Well.. here’s the story. Just now after praying Asr I wanted to do some extra  work but I was tired and sort of bored of reading journal articles.. and soI had this idea of ‘researching’ for something else: where my colleagues live on google map! Yes, somewhat pathetic I know (Astarghfirullah!).. So everyone in my research team has each other’s contact details including their home addresses, and so I typed in those who actually live near the beaches in the hope to see how their homes look like (seriously it’s kind of silly as google maps only project the maps from above so you can only see the rooftops, trees and nothing else). So from what I could see.. my supervisor lives somewhere here:

pic 1

And another colleague of mine,  lives here (ok why do I feel that I’m some kind of creepy stalker?):

pic 2

And then from busy-bodying looking at their boring rooftops, my attention went to the seawater:

pic 3


I then went through the sea trail..going up north:

pic 4

ya Allah.. laut yg sgt dlm..takutny

pic 5

I don't want to be caught inside there

And then I went up to the beaches I’ve gone to, and subhanaLlah the view from above is just WOW:

pic 6

And this is the part that really really stunned me, it made me stop breathing:

pic 7



ya Allah!!!! the last view just made me really wanted to cry.. it looked so fake but yet it is so real (it’s from the satellite).. I wonder how it feels like to be a bird and view these places everyday.. subhanaLlah.. patutla burung2 tak habis2 memuji kebesaran Allah.. If I were a bird, I wouldn’t stop praising Him, wouldn’t stop bowing to Him..wouldn’t stop remembering His Mightiness…

Hopefully by looking through the pictures our iman have increased…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hidayah
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 03:21:50

    Mmg cantik!!! (~_^)


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