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A Voice Besieged in Al-Aqsa Mosque (Exclusive)

Al-Aqsa Defenders Defy Israel

By  Amr Taha

Staff Writer-IslamOnline.net

“We are inside Al-Aqsa to defend it, even it takes longer time,” said Sheikh Ali.

Besieged between the hammer of the Israeli blockade, and the anvil of official Muslim silence, Al-Aqsa mosque is under an imminent threat of being stormed by extremist Jewish settlers.

Since the very time extremist Jewish settlers have announced their intentions to storm Al-Aqsa during Sukkot, a seven-day Jewish festival that has started since October 4, Palestinians rushed to defend Al-Aqsa.

IslamOnline.net has exclusively interviewed Sheikh Ali Abu-Sheikha, one of the 200 Palestinians besieged inside Al-Aqsa Mosque and threatened to be detained at any time by the Israeli troops surrounding the Mosque.

Sheikh Ali Abu-Sheikha, the Islamic Movement’s Counselor for Al-Aquds Affairs, spoke over the phone to IOL Politics in Depth.IslamOnline.net (IOL): What is the situation right now inside Al-Aqsa mosque and how do you face the Israeli siege?

Sheikh Ali: The situation is so intense, and will continue to be so as long as the occupation continues.

The Israeli siege against Al-Aqsa and against the defenders of Al-Aqsa trapped inside continues. Jewish extremist groups and the Israeli police are trying to storm and desecrate the sacred Al-Aqsa on a daily basis.

Those inside Al-Aqsa Mosque are determined to prevent any desecration of Al-Aqsa, and curb any opportunity for Jews to storm it.

As for the siege imposed against us, we are facing the shortage of food by praying all the time.

The Israeli forces ban the entry of food into Al-Aqsa. Our families in Al-Quds’ neighborhoods, close to Al-Aqsa, and people inside Mandate Palestine try to deliver food to us, but are prevented.

The Israeli occupation forces confiscate and ban these meals from entering Al-Aqsa.

Nevertheless, we have our special ways to enable us, by a way or another, to take a little of a little of food.

IOL: How far do you suffer from such shortage of food and water, and how far is this affecting you?

The Israeli occupation authority has mobilized thousands of settlers and extremist Jews during Sukkot to perform their rituals inside the holy Al-Aqsa itself.

Sheikh Ali: Never.  No one is suffering from such shortage of food and water. We have strong will and high morale. We are, and will, not be defeated anyway despite the suffocating blockade.

We are steadfastly united inside one of the most important Muslim places, the holy Al-Aqsa. This place gives us courage, high morale, and persistence vis a vis the shortage of food and water.

If Israel continues the blockade, we are unwaveringly going to defend Al-Aqsa whatever consequences will be.

IOL: How many people are inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque with you now?

Sheikh Ali: They are probably 200 or a little more individual inside the mosque. During Zhuhr and Maghrib Prayers, many Palestinians above 50 years old enter Al-Aqsa to pray.

In such circumstances of the Israeli blockade, the Israeli police allow Palestinians above 50 years old the to enter into Al-Aqsa for short time of prayer given that they must first give their ID cards to the occupation forces.

If any of those allowed to temporarily pray inside Al-Aqsa stay a little bit late, they have to go to the headquarters of the Israeli Intelligence Agency to receive their IDs.

IOL: What is your daily program inside Al-Aqsa under this tight siege?

Sheikh Ali: After`Isha’ Prayer, we tightly close all doors inside Al-Aqsa and turn off all lights. We usually do not move inside Al-Aqsa, even we are unable to go to bathrooms to do ablution, because any one who exits the mosque will be arrested.

We pray away from the mosque’s windows because the Israeli police stand by the mosque’s windows trying to track us.

During Fajr Prayer, we meet the people allowed to enter the mosque.
After Fajr Prayer till sunset, we organize sit-ins by Al-Maghriba Gate through which we prevent settlers from storming Al-Aqsa.

During sunset, we pray and break our fast. Then, we pray `Isha’.
Most of our time is dedicated to sit-ins and resistance. We are awake all the time because it is possible that any time Israel could storm the mosque. I am talking to you now and the Israel police is standing by the mosque’s windows.

IOL: Have any Israeli Jewish groups entered Al-Aqsa Mosque during these days?

Sheikh Ali: The Israeli occupation authority has mobilized thousands of settlers and extremist Jews during Sukkot to perform their rituals inside the holy Al-Aqsa itself.
Backed and protected by the Israeli police, settlers have come up with drums and trumpets to perform their rituals inside Al-Aqsa.

Brazenly challenging the Muslim and Arab world, Jews have announced their intention to storm Al-Aqsa.

The Israeli police has prevented children, youth, and those under 50 from entering the Al-Aqsa’s campus.

Furthermore, it has blockaded Al-Aqsa mosque by closing all gates leading to it after besieging Al-Quds city and dividing it into sections for easier control.

The Israeli police has installed barriers on roads leading to Al-Aqsa. This all aimed at facilitating the situation for Jews to storm the mosque.

However, thanks to Almighty Allah, there have been people inside Al-Aqsa who decided to stay inside the mosque since the moment Israel has put physical barriers on the roads to it.

Until this moment, we have succeeded in warding off any Israeli attempts to invade the Mosque.

IOL: Many Palestinians from all over Palestine tried to reach you inside Al-Aqsa. Have they managed to do so?

The attempt to arrest four of us was curbed after a brief clash against the Israeli forces, as prayers were able to free the four.

Sheikh Ali: The Israeli occupation forces have put several physical barriers on the road to Al-Aqsa and inside many Palestinian cities in Muthaleth, Jalil, and Al-Ramelah alleys. These barriers are 200km away from Al-Aqsa, so no car can cross them.

Since the first day, after the Israeli occupation forces prevented Palestinian convoys from entering Al-Aqsa, so many of them insisted on walking the 150km to Al-Aqsa. Yet, Israelis prevented them from walking to the mosque.

Therefore, Palestinians decided to pray Al-Fajr 150km away from Al-Aqsa.
Many of Palestinians toiled to reach Al-Aqsa by circumventing the Israeli blockade.
However, after they succeeded in entering Al-Quds, they were unable to reach Al-Aqsa because of the tight blockade against Al-Aqsa.IOL: How ready are you in case Israeli forces and Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa?

Sheikh Ali: There is an evil Israeli plan to storm Al-Aqsa. On October 6, the Israeli Occupation forces tried to arrest four of us, and tried to invade the mosque, but our will and solidarity prevented them from carrying out their plans to invade Al-Aqsa.

The attempt to arrest four of us was curbed after a brief clash against the Israeli forces, as prayers were able to free the four.

IOL: Do you think Israelis are trying now to divide Al-Aqsa, as they did before with the Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (Abraham’s Mosque)?

Sheikh Ali: All Israeli provocations indicate a plan to accelerate the building of the so-called Jewish Temple [Temple Mount] on the ruins of Al-Aqsa. According to the declaration of Israel’s Minister of Interior, there is a suggestion to divide Al-Aqsa between Muslims and Jews. Consequently, Israel tries to carry out such plan during these days.

IOL: What are the counter plans of the Islamic Movement inside Mandate Palestine to face such Israeli agenda, especially since such provocations may probably continue for years?

Digging tunnels and excavation projects incessantly continue until now.

Sheikh Ali: On the eve of Yom Kippur, a Jewish feast, extremist Jews had planned to invade Al-Aqsa. However, Palestinians averted such an attempt. There were fierce clashes between the Israeli police and settlers and the Palestinians that continued for about two successive days.

Now, Jews have tried to invade Al-Aqsa as they commemorate Sukkot, yet thanks to Almighty Allah, we were able to ward off any offences against holy Al-Aqsa. We are inside Al-Aqsa to defend it, even it takes longer time.IOL: How far do tunnels dug by Israelis around and under Al-Aqsa affect its foundation?

Sheikh Ali: Digging tunnels and excavation schemes incessantly continue until now. We are now inundated with defending Al-Aqsa from any attack while, at the same time, there are continuing projects of diggig more tunnels under Al-Aqsa.

There are tunnels in As-Selwan alley, Wadi Helwa, under the old city, and even under Al-Aqsa mosque itself.

This means houses around Al-Aqsa are on the verge of collapse, and most of Al-Aqsa’s area is without foundations. Not to mention that many synagogues are built under Al-Aqsa, so also in Ein Helwa and As-Selwan.

Recently, Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has planned to open the tunnel starting from As-Selwan alley directly into Al-Aqsa mosque.

Al-Aqsa Foundation has discovered such a tunnel, which is 600 meters long and 2 meters wide.

IOL: What you would like to say to Muslims?

Sheikh Ali: We urge Muslims to unite for defending Al-Aqsa, which is under very critical situation. Al-Aqsa does not only belong to Palestinians. It belongs to every Muslim.


Salaam wbt..

Alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah ana telah selamat sampai di Sydney pada Ahad pagi jam 7.30 pagi.. Semoga perjalanan ana dalam mencari ilmu diredhaiNya, tak kira lah di Sydney mahupun Malaysia atau pun di mana2 jua ana dicampakkan…

Suasana di Sydney yang lebih kurang 5 bulan ditinggalkan masih sama seperti dulu. Tak ubah langsung. Sambil ana tulis blog ni masih kuat kedengaran orang-orang mabuk menyanyi dengan  suka rianya (rumah yang ana duduk sebelah pub), kereta lalu lintas dengan sibuk dan laju (yela, nama pun city hehe), lagi2 malam Sabtu, orang2 mabuk ramai kelihatan berjalan terhuyung hayang dan menjerit tak tentu arah, perempuan2 yang berpakaian menjolok mata di semua arah.. Oh perkara2 sebegini memang dah sangat masak dengan orang2 di Sydney.. No surprises there…

Dalam suasana hectic sebegini alhamdulillah ana masih dapat tumpukan perhatian yang sepenuhnya (insya Allah) dalam menjalankan tugas sebagai seorang da’ie dan pelajar, tak lupa juga sebagai seorang lagi daripada housemate2 bujang dan isteri yang berjauhan dengan suaminya.

Mungkin sebab ana pernah duduk di Sydney selama 4 tahun, dan kini kembali untuk 4 tahun lagi, ana rasa ana boleh terus dengan serta merta menjadi balik seorang pelajar dan da’ie tanpa memerlukan sedikit masa utk mengadaptasi. Datang2 terus ‘full throttle’–kerja2 dakwah terus dilakukan non-stop, sebagai student pula berazam terus nak mulakan research seawal hari yg ana baru sampai– yg sebenarnya akan mendatangkan kemudaratan daripada kebaikan..akhirnya pada hari ke-5 ana di sini dah mula rasa penat dan rasa nak rehat daripada buat apa2, tambah lagi ana ketika itu cuti haid rasa lagi kekosongan dalam jiwa.. Astarghfirullah..

Betul lah salah satu sebab orang futur daripada jalan dakwah adalah kerana melakukan banyak sangat kerja luar daripada kemampuannya, ataupun membuat kerja terlalu laju sehinnga akhirnya berputus asa atau berhenti melakukan apa2 kerja dakwah dengan alasan penat dan mahukan rehat..

Sepatutnya apa yang ana perlu buat apabila sampai di Sydney adalah:

1) mendapat kerehatan fizikal yang cukup (kerana 7-8 jam bermusafir)

2) mengenal balik waqi’- akhawat, mad’u, jalan2 raya, transport, etc

3) melakukan persiapan yg lengkap sebelum memulakan research- e.g. beli alat2 keperluan seperti printer, alat2 tulis, kertas, etc

Benda2 ni semua adalah common sense.. tapi kadang2 ana lupa kerana terlalu bersemangat nak lakukan semua dengan cepatnya. SubhanaLlah.. ya Allah baikilah diriku ini…

Insya Allah.. ana perlu sentiasa ingat yang amalan kecil tetapi berterusan adalah lebih disukai Allah daripada amalan besar tetapi singkat (x berterusan). Semoga Allah menjadikan ana seorang yg istiqamah dan melakukan segala perkara yang diredhaiNya, Ameen 🙂

Di sini juga ana letakkan bbrp gambar hasil tangkapan ana sendiri utk tatapan antunna semua. Tak banyak pun, gambar2 di uni sahaja 🙂 Hari tu sgt nyaman, nampak je panas, tapi jgn tertipu hehe.

Welcome to the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia :)

Welcome to the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 🙂

UNSW Main Library

UNSW Main Library


Let's have a little online tour inside the Main Library 🙂



Yes, it's in the library

Yes, it's in the library




View from up above

View from up above

Halaqah versi kontemporari

Halaqah versi kontemporari

Luar dari library, menuju ke Quadrangle Building:




Alhamdulillah minggu yang ana datang adalah minggu Islamic Awareness. Setiap hari ada talk untuk orang Islam dan bukan Islam. Satu initiatif untuk berdakwah kepada warga uni ttg Islam yg sebenar dan bukan yg diwar-warkan oleh media.

ceramah oleh seorang akh ni lupa lak nama dia

ceramah oleh seorang akh ni lupa lak nama dia


The real sisters in Islam, insya Allah =)

The real sisters in Islam, insya Allah =)

Ok, setakat itu sahaja yang ana dapat sampaikan. Masa pun dah terhad..baik ana sambung buat kerja hehe. Syukran jazillah kathiran sudi melawat hehe. Sehingga kita bertemu lagi, wassalam..