Salam wbt..

The fastest visa grant I’ve ever witnessed- less than 24 hours. Subhanallah, ada hikmahnya disitu, insya Allah..

Again, I’m experiencing a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness. Sad to leave my family and friends and Nilai, but also happy to see my akhawat in Sydney again, and to conduct research (let this happy feeling for the latter lasts forever insya Allah!) I just chatted with an ukhti of mine from Sydney and she said she’s relieved to have me coming. Alhamdulillah, I hope the rest feel the same too. Semoga kehadiran ana di Sydney mengurangkan beban antunna dalam dakwah dan tarbiyyah, insya Allah..

The one thing I’ll 100% surely miss is having a direct mas’ulah.. one who can monitor me directly, what I’m doing, my akhlak, my behaviour, my tarbiyyah. Someone who’s against human privacy encroachment would think there’s something wrong with me by stating the above, but for someone who really really appreciates tarbiyyah, he or she would know that I am in a great loss by not having someone above me to hold my hand if I slip away..

No doubt my biggest fear coming to Sydney again is to be ‘dried out’- I will be giving so much yet I am receiving so little. By right it shouldn’t be the case..  the input that I get from tarbiyyah should be equal or more than the output from me to the tarbiyyah of others. I’m still thinking how to remedy this problem… My biggest worry is that my tarbiyyah will terbantut because of this matter… nooooo…. na’udzubillahi min zalik 😦 Insya Allah I will definitely rely on my work as a dai’e to gain the indirect tarbiyyah, probably that’ll be more for me to experience..

Coming back to the present, I have still tons of work to do. I haven’t finished preparing for the Badar al Kubra tazkirah, sending my visa and CoE to the uni for them to book my ticket asap, and also marking lab reports which I will dearly miss once I leave (haha).

Will my coming to Sydney be blessed and given barakah by Allah, Ameen. I should remind myself to go with the right foot (niat yang sejahtera kerana Allah SWT). [Bolded due to its utmost importance]

Much love 🙂


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