I love Allah :)

I’m in the lab now.. and yknow what I was thinking of doing? Relaxing. Tengah berangan (Daydreaming) of escaping the hard labour of lab work and just freely doing nothing. (Astarghfirullah.. how easy it is to be tricked by the dunya (worldly life), the nafs and the whispers of satan when you’re alone).

Then, suddenly the phone rang.

“Hello, assalamualaikum Ellin.”

My daydreaming (or is it nightdreaming) dissappeared by talking to an ukhti of mine. I was (indirectly) reminded by her of what I have to do, and that’s exactly what Allah wants me to do when I am not doing my lab work–not doing nothing! SubhanaLlah ya Allah, you saved me again. I am reminded of my purpose of life =)

Tiada isitilah rehat bagi si dai’e (No such thing as idleness in the life of a da’ie), “Rehat itu tandanya lalai” ( Idleness is a sign of carelessness).. those phrases I’ve been hearing are now present in my mind and I pray to Allah that it will always be.

Mujahadah fi sabililLlah.