Starting fresh, iAllah


InsyaAllah blog ini akan memberi kekuatan atau semangat atau peringatan bagi si pembaca dan si penulis (InsyaAllah, this blog of mine will give strength or drive or reminders to the reader and the writer [in Islam]). Hehe. That’s what I had in mind when setting up this blog.

Oh I had many blogs before (I still have another one in Friendster).. but I guess it has now ‘evolved’ (mind you, this is not Darwin’s theory of evolution) to one that suits my best purpose in living this life, which is to attain mardhatillah (keredhaan Allah). Obviously, this blog is dedicated to those who hold the same belief as I do on the purpose of life, but nonetheless, EVERYONE is welcomed 🙂

So let’s start this journey everyone, with saying Bismillah (in the name of Allah) 😀